Crystal Lashes is a brand of eyelash styling products that meets the needs of customers. Created to make life easier for women and for eyelash extensions to be associated with comfort, both wearing and supplementing.

You can find many eyelash styling products on the market. Crystal Lashes stands out already at the design and production stage. Products throughout the production stage are made by hand, from the process of cutting, curling them up to gluing and packaging. The company emphasizes that quality control is a very important element for them. Therefore, he will ensure that the number of mistakes and errors in the order processing process is limited as much as possible.


Crystal Lashes brand features


By deciding to introduce Crystal Lashes products, we gain not only a proven but also an innovative product and valuable sales features such as:

Packaging - each palette contains 16 dense strips, perfectly even lashes in a cardboard box with a euro pendant. The eyelashes are glued to narrow strips of glue (from 2 to 3 mm.) And have a white insert, thanks to which the contrast is greater and the effect clearer.

Fiber content - the main difference is the origin of the fibers that the Crystal Lashes brand uses. They are not the cheapest and the most popular Chinese fibers, but more expensive but more delicate Korean fibers. Thanks to this eyelashes are lighter and wearing comfort higher.


We are building a product portfolio


Crystal Lashes allows you to definitely strengthen the range of eyelash extension accessories. At the beginning of the adventure with this brand in our store we recommend several basic series of products.

Extreme Volume Lashes - the flagship product of the brand, and at the same time an absolute sales hit. Perfect to start cooperation with the brand and increase revenues from this product segment. Eyelashes with the addition of Korean fibers are light, pleasant to the touch and extremely easy to apply. Available in the most popular turns (B +, C and D) and thicknesses (0.03, 0.05, 0.07, 0.10, 0.12, 0.15). The paddles are available in individual lengths from 8 to 16 mm, as well as in a matching set of these lengths.

Premium Elipse Lashes - a palette of specially profiled eyelashes, created for the needs of even more durable application with the 1 to 1 method. Thanks to the use of Korean fibers, as well as a special cut at the base of the eyelashes, they are not only 40% lighter, but also provide 50% longer application.

Cashmere Camellia Lashes - a palette of graduated, very light eyelashes from Korean fibers. The lengths are graded every 1 mm. and provide a delicate effect of "frayed" eyelashes. They are dedicated to lovers of the so-called Kim Kardashian methods.

Double-row eyelashes Extreme Volume Easy - Eyelashes from which making tufts has never been so easy! Premium double-row eyelashes for professional eyelash styling. Hand made with a blend of Korean fibers. The intense, deep shade of black eyelashes and the crystal-white background of the palette create a contrast that makes separating eyelashes a pleasure. They are distinguished by the ease of application. They come off the belt very precisely, and creating tufts using them is definitely simpler. Incredibly delicate and soft to the touch and even more pleasant to use.


Cooperation options


The brand introduces a wide range of authorized stores and partner stores. However, their proposal is not limited to granting a specific discount. They also offer substantive, training and marketing support. It is worth taking advantage of the manufacturer's knowledge and experience and decide to expand this category of products in your store. We are an innovative company that puts emphasis on a high level of customer service as well as the quality of the products offered. Our specialists quickly respond to market needs accurately completing the offer.

We invite specialists, Beatu salons and wholesalers to cooperate with us. We offer attractive discounts, fast order processing and support for our distributors.

If you are interested in cooperation with our company, please contact us at:

After receiving your inquiry, our representative will contact you to discuss the details.