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Our eyelash extension training is a professional class designed for both beginners and more advanced people who want to create stunning eye styles. We organize eyelash styling classes with various methods - 1: 1, 2D, 3D, and the Volumetric Method. We have also prepared a special training that teaches how to create perfect tufts of eyelashes for styling. Crystal Lashes - eyelash extension courses Warsaw - we encourage you to familiarize yourself with our training services! Our instructors have many years of experience and skills at a very high level, thanks to which each of the participants of our trainings learns everything that is most important to create the perfect stylizations. After completing the training, each participant receives from us a personal Certificate with the title of Lashes Stylist Crystal Lashes. Crystal Lashes - eyelash extension training Warsaw - learning with us is the best choice! Our offer includes: Training on eyelash extension 1: 1 Basic training for beginner stylists. Provides information on the popular, basic method of eyelash extension by a 1: 1 method, i.e. 1 to 1. This method involves applying individual eyelashes to natural eyelashes, thanks to which it gives a delicate but stylish effect for every occasion. Training on the method of eyelash extension 2D, 3D Training involving the teaching of sticking two or three eyelashes to one natural eyelash. This training is recommended for people who already have experience in eyelash styling. 2D and 3D methods require greater precision for optimal effect. During our classes you will learn everything that is most important to create a spectacular eye stylization. Hollywood Effect Training The training includes learning how to create tufts of several eyelashes for the Volume Method, which is also called the Hollywood Effect, due to the intense effect that can be obtained through it. The Volumetric Method is intended for advanced Stylists. Perfect Tuft Training. Perfect Tuft Training. This is an indispensable skill of every Stylist!
KIM Effect training

Training. Work with glue

Training work with M, L, L + turns

Training on the "Raws" and "Wet" LashesCrystal Lashes method - eyelash extension courses Warsaw - choose the best training for yourself! All the trainings organized by us consist of a theoretical and practical part, thanks to which the participants learn everything necessary for styling eyelashes by the chosen method. We train on the best and most delicate hand-made Crystal Lashes, as well as using high-class accessories. If you have additional questions related to our training services, we are always available. Feel free to contact us for additional information and sign up for courses. The number of places in classes is limited! Crystal Lashes - eyelash extension training Warsaw - we invite you to choose our offer! For more information, please contact our Training Department.

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